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Nivida Constructions

As Project Managers / Contractors, our job is to look for the most efficient and cost effective way to manage the project from an early design process, through the construction phase and then on to completion. This process is entirely open for the home owner to be a part of. We do not limit access to your project or make changes difficult to achieve. Communication is the key to delivering a successful project and our owners always have access to their project and to us by direct phone call or an email.

Integrity matters at NIVIDA. Individually and as a group, we holda strong commitment to perform to the highest professional and ethical standards. At NIVIDA, ethics matter and compliance counts. Neither is optional.

Why Us

We Embrace Challenges

By specializing in the Construction Manager NIVIDA serves as the client’s representative during the design phase of the project. Our plan follows a structured and organized approach that produces deliverables to ensure the client has all the information needed to make timely, informed decisions at each stage of design. Issues pertaining to schedule, cost vs. budget, quality, and safety are all proactively managed during the pre-construction phase by our team of experts. Our priority is to establish expectations and develop a plan to meet and often exceed those expectations with all parties working together as a team and holding one another accountable through open communication. In collaboration with the client, design team and key subcontractors, we guide complex projects through the design process to ensure the project stays within budget. Our team embraces these challenges with the confidence derived from solid project experience and a depth of in-house construction management expertise.

What you will experience with us!

  • Transparent documentation which cover every detail that goes into the construction.
  • In house team
  • Each project is subjected to 320 quality checks by our site engineers
  • No price escalations once the project starts.
  • Compensation for delay in the project
  • 10 years of warranty on super and sub structure including underground sump
  • No scope for project delays




Project Goals

Services & Areas

We care for efficiency

We bring expertise in the areas of mechanical, electrical, building automation, power monitoring, structured cabling, audio/ visual, security systems, fire alarm & detection, and other special systems. We support design, procurement, estimation, equipment purchasing, operational support as well as commissioning. We care for your building’s efficiency, your associates and visitors’ health, our communities, and our environment. We implement sustainable practices on every project, controlling waste, recycling building materials, and improving air quality.

Why you should go with Nivida Constructions?

We are innovative and passionate about the work we do. We always come up with new ways to enrich your revenue to greater heights.

  • Extraordinary and High Quality services: We have a supreme team who works rigorously to grown businesses beyond client’s expectations.
  • Business to Business (B2B) Construction: When it comes to commercial space construction, time is money..! These projects can include hotels / Motels, office buildings, malls, restaurants, and hospitals. The size, budget, and scope of a project determine how much it will cost to break ground and complete the build. We do value engineering to predict the most accurate and cost-efficient project plans. Nivida Constructions is your one-stop destination for all types of commercial construction services.